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  • What comes in a order for Posh Wood Panels?
  • Each box contains two perfectly-sized panels, measuring 94.49" L x 12.60" W, providing a sleek and seamless total look when put together.

  • How do you install Posh Wood Panels?
  • You can install Posh Wood Panels in one of three ways:

    1. You can use drywall screws:

      You can place Phillips-head screws through the acoustic felt to fasten the Posh Wood Panels directly onto the wall. For panels with the black acoustic felt, you can use black screws, and silver screws for the grey acoustic felt. While securing Posh Wood Panels, we recommend using at least nine (9) screws per panel, evenly spaced across the length and width of the panel. In the scenario, you plan to install the Posh Wood Panels on ceilings, then secure the panels by directly screwing them into the ceiling studs.
    2. Gluing straight onto the wall:

      To secure Posh Wood Panels with glue, we recommend using an all-purpose indoor construction adhesive with instant grab.
    3. Screwing the panels into 1” x 2” wooden batons.

      We recommend securing 1” x 2” wooden batons to the wall studs and screwing Posh Wood panels directly into the batons through the acoustic felt. To achieve higher sound absorption, where is not necessary, you can add wall insulation behind the Posh Wood panels and in between the batons.
  • Do I need to wait for a production run for Posh Wood?
  • No. We keep all of our panels in stock so typically have delivery typically takes 3-7 business days once shipped. In the unlikely chance of a backorder, we normally replenish stock within 2-4 weeks.

  • Can Posh Wood panels be purchased in different sizes or be made custom?
  • Currently, Posh Wood can only be purchased in one size. If your wall is larger than a Posh Wood panel, you can join them horizontally and also vertically to achieve any size you require.

    • When installed horizontally: Posh Wood panels will result in a sleek and seamless total look when put together.
    • When installed vertically: Additional Posh Wood panels can be cut and secured, which will result in a small line when joined together. We’ve had many clients come up with some creative solutions, we’d be happy to talk you through your options if you reach out to our Customer Support Line at (307) 460-6694.
  • Do Posh Wood panels come finished?
  • Posh Wood panels are delivered to you unfinished, granting you complete control over the Posh Wood experience, allowing you to finish them according to your preferences. We highly recommend applying a protective finish such as oil, wax, lacquer, or varnish to preserve the wood's integrity while simultaneously enhancing its natural grain and colors. Enjoy the opportunity to personalize your Posh Wood panels to

  • How do you modify Posh Wood panel to fit around a light switch or a power outlet?
  • Modifying the panels to fit various objects is effortless. With the use of a saw, you can easily cut across one or multiple slats. As for the felt, simply use a sharp box cutter to trim it to the desired length before applying it around any item on your surface.

  • Can Posh Wood be used outside?
  • No, Posh Wood panels were designed specifically for indoor applications.

  • What is the Posh Wood Return Policy?
  • Posh Wood accepts returns for products within 30 days of delivery as long as they are in their original condition and packaging.