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How To Cut Modern Made Wood Panels

For cutting across the slats and felt, a sharp saw is advised. To cut along the felt's length, utilize a craft knife.

Installation Methods for Modern Made Wall Panels:

Adhesive Method:

  1. Use construction glue or grab adhesive.
  2. Apply directly onto the wall.

Direct Screw Method:

  1. For black-backed panels, use black screws.
  2. For grey-backed panels, choose silver or grey screws.
  3. Secure panels to the wall via the acoustic felt.
  4. Space screws about 3.15” apart widthwise and 24” lengthwise.
  5. For ceiling installations, ensure screws anchor into ceiling joists.
  6. When installing on plasterboard, utilize appropriate fixings.

Timber Batten Method:

  1. First, affix 1.8” timber battens to the wall.
  2. Screw panels onto these battens through the acoustic felt.
  3. This enhances sound absorption. For best results, place Rockwool between battens behind panels to achieve Class A sound absorption.